ACCM Diploma of Christian Ministry

Ambassador College of Christian Ministry

The Ambassador College of Christian Ministry is operated by Grace Communion International in Australia. Members interested in getting a diploma through them are encouraged to check out their website here.

The Ottawa/Gatineau congregation is looking to encourage as many members as possible to take this course. It will help members become better acquainted with GCI’s theology while also equipping them to be better able to serve in their local church community.


The Ottawa/Gatineau church are willing to help support the financial demands of getting an ACCM diploma, please do not allow the cost to be an inhibiting factor in your decision to take the diploma, contact one of the elder’s if you’re in need of funding support.

Time Commitment

The diploma is composed of 10 courses taking at least 6 months each, however members can take more time to complete the courses as needed.

Why take the Course

As our congregation grows we have been blessed by many newer members who might be interested to learn more about GCI’s teachings. For older members the ACCM courses will give you a robust update on GCI’s current teachings. For both newer and older members the ACCM course will also better equip you to share the gospel and understand the church’s philosophy of ministry as it relates to how we run our church services.