Refugee Sponsorship Program


If you are looking for sponsorship though the Grace Communion Sponsorship Mission then please click here.

The GCI Refugee Mission Program started back in 2011 in consultation with our church council and the government of Canada. We applied to the government and became a SAH (sponsorship agreement holder) in July 2012. That year we worked with other SAH groups and shared the 5 allocated spaces with those groups.

2013 proved to be a fruitful year for us. We were able to welcome Myint Ong to Canada on September 10, 2013. He was a young Burmese refugee and has in the past year adapted himself to our Canadian culture, educational requirements and job opportunities.

The following week, on September 17, we met a mother and her 7 children who were Congolese refugees and whose husband had just recently been murdered. The entire family is doing quite well and love Canada for what the freedom our country offers them.

Our mission is not to “fill our own church” but to offer opportunities to people of different denominations and faith to come to Canada. We recognize that we can only be “a drop in the bucket” as far as helping those in need but we are very excited and feel privileged to have this small part. In the future we hope to have some testimonies of those who have been assisted by this mission.

If you feel inclined to help us in our fledgling mission either with your time as a volunteer or your financial resources, please feel free to email me at

May you be fulfilled in whatever way you have chosen to give to others.

Pastor Bill Rabey


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