Myint Ong


Our first meeting with this young man at the Ottawa airport. His presence in our Ottawa congregation has been a great blessing.

His smile here is representative of his personality and he has an incredible drive and work ethic. He has been incredibly thankful for the support given to him by our Ottawa church members.


The Nzigire Family


This is a family of 8 people. The mother is a widow and it was a joy for our members to support her as she integrated into Canadian society. Our thanks goes to our team of volunteers and settlement agencies who helped our sponsorship program support this big family.

Working with the Children


Through the Refugee Sponsorship Program children are free to worship, learn, and praise God in a peaceful country – Canada. Thank you to the leaders of children  ministry in our Ottawa church who are able support and help out the 25 children we now have attending.

Rosina and Aliana


It has been a blessing to us receiving new immigrants to Canada and participating in the Love of Christ by helping them. These two sisters were full of joy meeting our Ottawa pastor for their first time at Ottawa airport.

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