We’ve Moved!

Grace Communion International now meets at 10.30am every Saturday at St Stephen’s Anglican Church
We would like to invite you to join us for our service and for the fellowship and coffee that follow it.

St Stephen’s Anglican can be found here at 930 Watson St, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6B9.
Call 613-445-0740 or email brabey@gcicanada.ca for more information.

Thanks to the Church of the Ascension

We’re leaving the Church of the Ascension after 4 years of fruitful partnership. Though we’ve grown too large and so need to move, we do not want to leave without expressing our appreciation for the time we were allowed to share the beautiful church with Ascension. We wish them well in their future work for Christ and His Kingdom.

ACCM Diploma of Christian Ministry

For any members that are interested GCI Ottawa will be supporting those who chose to pursue a Diploma of Christian Ministry from ACCM. We will also be running small groups to discuss the material you’ll be covering. More details can be found here.